Clever Culture Systems AG is a joint venture vehicle that brings together two highly complementary skill-sets: LBT Innovations’ patented image interpretation technology and in-depth understanding of the microbiology market, and Hettich AG Switzerland’s novel automated incubators and world-class skills in instrument engineering. Together, the partnership offers the potential for a succession of innovative automated culture-plate processing solutions for the global microbiology market. 

Founded in June 2013, Clever Culture Systems AG is domiciled in Zurich, Switzerland. Its current focus is bringing to market LBT’s APAS technology for automated culture-plate screening in conjunction with Hettich’s automation.

LBT Innovations is continuing to work closely with software developers at the University of Adelaide to develop further culture-plate applications of its intelligent image interpretation platform for licensing to Clever Culture Systems.

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 “The [joint venture] deal should be an ideal marriage of LBT’s intellectual property and Hettich’s experience in making laboratory instruments.” – John Beveridge, Herald Sun (Melbourne), June 26 2013