Andreas Hettich GmbH

Hettich Holding Beteiligungs- und Verwaltungs-GmbH

In June 2013, LBT and Hettich partnered to form the joint venture Clever Culture Systems AG. The partnership brings together two highly complementary skill-sets: LBT Innovations’ patented image interpretation technology and in-depth understanding of the microbiology market, and Hettich’s world-class skills in instrument engineering and manufacturing.

Hettich is a world leader in the manufacture of laboratory centrifuges and incubators. Their seamless product range encompasses every conceivable user application requirement from the fields of medicine, chemistry and technology. From the manual centrifuge through to the state-of-the-art robot-operated centrifuge, the company’s product portfolio covers a complete range of standard and special-purpose models. Their main application areas are blood banks, microbiology and general life science.

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