MicroStreak 1

In its first five years of global sales, LBT’s MicroStreak technology captured the largest share of the international market for automated culture-plate streaking and inoculation. Originally sold by bioMérieux as PREVI® Isola, MicroStreak has been shown to deliver superior streaking patterns and more isolated bacteria than manual streaking – enabling laboratories to deliver faster, more accurate results to microbiologists and physicians.

In August 2015, LBT signed a new non-exclusive licence with bioMérieux, effectively returning the future development and distribution of MicroStreak to LBT. Under the terms of the agreement, LBT is exploring a number of opportunities for upgrading the technology and manufacturing a MicroStreak product in Australia for distribution in global markets.

MicroStreak has proven to be an extremely versatile and effective modular technology, which can easily be integrated with most laboratory automation systems. The continuing growth of the global automation market augurs well for its commercial prospects, and LBT is currently advancing discussions with a number of diagnostic companies regarding new licensing opportunities.