LBT Innovations devises far-reaching solutions for the world’s emerging pathology needs

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Company Overview
Over the past decade, LBT Innovations Ltd has emerged as a groundbreaking designer of advanced automated solutions for the preparation and analysis of microbiology culture specimens, with significant be...
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Since 2009, LBT’s MicroStreak technology has captured the largest share of the international market for automated culture-plate streaking and inoculation. The sophisticated streaker, sold by bioMérieux ...
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The Automated Plate Assessment System, or APAS, is a platform technology for the automation of culture-plate screening and interpretation. While LBT’s first product, PREVI Isola, automates the inoculati...
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Clever Culture Systems AG is a joint venture vehicle that brings together two highly complementary skill-sets: LBT Innovations’ patented image interpretation technology and in-depth understanding of the...
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