Innovating AI and intelligent imaging for the future of microbiology

LBT’s ground-breaking APAS technology is being commercialised by Clever Culture Systems, a 100% subsidiary of LBT Innovations.

To learn more about how the technology is disrupting current microbiology practices, visit Clever Culture Systems.

The solution for pharmaceutical labs

The APAS Independence is the only scientifically proven instrument that uses artificial intelligence to read environmental monitoring culture plates following incubation — improving accuracy and traceability of results over current manual processes.

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The solution for
clinical labs

The APAS Independence is a world-leading in vitro diagnostic instrument for the automated imaging, analysis and interpretation of agar culture plates.

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Automated Plate Assessment System (APAS)

APAS technology brings intelligent plate reading to microbiology opening up a world of technological possibilities.

The platform technology streamlines the plate triaging stage of the microbiology workflow, delivering reliable and consistent plate results three times faster than a highly skilled scientist.

Imaging Analysis

Using our custom-designed, patented, high-speed classification system for a range of image processing applications.

Artificial Intelligence

An AI platform for image capture, image processing and decision making.

Product Development

Taking conceptual thinking through development and navigating path to market.