Company Overview

Over the past decade, LBT Innovations has emerged as a groundbreaking designer of advanced automated solutions for the preparation and analysis of microbiology culture specimens, with significant benefits for busy clinical laboratories.

LBT’s first technology was an automated culture plate streaking system called MicroStreak, which was invented by our Scientific Director, John Glasson. In 2009, MicroStreak was licensed exclusively to the leading French diagnostics company, bioMérieux SA, which marketed it exclusively until August 2015, when all rights to the technology returned to LBT. The company is currently in the process of reengineering MicroStreak for a new era of automation, and a number of major diagnostics companies have expressed an interest in partnering with us on this journey.

Following the success of MicroStreak, LBT has developed a second breakthrough technology that automates the next stage of the microbiology workflow: the reading of culture plates after incubation. The Automated Plate Assessment System (APAS®), which performs image capture, analysis and interpretation of culture plates, has attracted broad interest from diagnostic companies and microbiologists around the world. The technology is currently being commercialised in a joint venture with Zurich-based Hettich AG Switzerland, with commercial manufacturing of the first plate-reading instrument due to commence in 2016.

With APAS nearing completion, LBT continues to explore other opportunities for our ‘intelligent imaging’ software beyond conventional microbiology. In conjunction with the world-class computer scientists at the University of Adelaide, we have developed a conceptual model for a handheld device that analyses and records the progress of long-term chronic wounds, to assist nurses and clinicians involved in their treatment. The project has attracted core research funding in Australia and significant interest in the United States, where we have undertaken encouraging baseline surveys among woundcare practitioners.

LBT Innovations is perfectly placed to devise far-reaching solutions for the world’s emerging pathology needs – as we broaden our scope from practical laboratory processes to cutting-edge computer vision and analysis.