LBT Innovations

LBT Innovations is a groundbreaking designer of advanced technology solutions for the medical industry. We specialise in bringing advanced medical technologies to market. Our core capabilities include artificial intelligence, image analysis and software engineering solutions that improve medical diagnostic workflows.

Our first technology was an automated culture plate streaking system called MicroStreak. It was brought to market as the PREVI® Isola and initiated a new era in automation for clinical laboratories.

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APAS Independence

Following its success, we partnered with the Australian Institute of Machine Learning to develop the Automated Plate Assessment System (APAS®). This technology performs automated image capture, analysis and interpretation of culture plates delivering efficiencies to the microbiology workflow. In 2016 it became the first artificial intelligence diagnostic medical device to achieve FDA Class II clearance. The technology is currently being commercialised through LBT’s wholly owned subsidiary company Clever Culture Systems.

LBT Innovations is exploring opportunities to extend our platform APAS® “intelligent imaging” technology towards new applications including wound treatment, histopathology and Antimicrobial Susceptibility Testing, broadening our scope from practical laboratory processes to cutting-edge computer vision and analysis.

Our Board

Our Board and Senior Management team have high-level experience in the pharmaceutical, healthcare, technological, legal and financial sectors. Their knowledge spanning strategic management, corporate law and fundraising is complemented by an intimate understanding of hospital and clinical laboratory operations.

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Our Leadership Team

We are a growing company of more than 30 highly qualified staff focused in the areas of Artificial Intelligence, Software Engineering and Science.

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LBT Innovations' culture comprises of the following values

We pride ourselves on empowering individuals to perform to their highest potential.

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Our team philosophy supports collaboration across multiple disciplines ensuring delivery of business goals.


We encourage new ideas and innovation and put them into practice to improve the status quo.