APAS PharmaQC: AI for culture plate reading

Abstract: This joint presentation provides an overview of the APAS Independence, a laboratory automation device using artificial intelligence to read and interpret microbial growth on culture plates. The development of robust artificial intelligence solutions requires high quality data and an appreciation of the range of interferences that are likely to be encountered in real-world applications. The presentation provides an overview of how these challenges have been addressed by Clever Culture Systems in developing the APAS (Automated Plate Assessment System) technology and the approach to validating performance.

Secondly, AstraZeneca share their considerations for implementing automated plate reading within their environmental monitoring program and the potential benefits this will have to their processes. Included are real world examples, showing the power of the APAS technology for colony detection and an outline of AstraZeneca’s vision for the future of environmental monitoring plate reading across their network.

Oral Presentation by AstraZeneca and LBT Innovations

Presentation: BioPhorum

Date: February 2024

Authors: Mr Benjamin Pickard, Mr Jack Brown

Citation: APAS PharmaQC: AI for culture plate reading