Image Interpretation of urine cultures using APAS Independence – artificial intelligence in the routine clinical laboratory

Despite significant developments in automation, microbiology remains a highly manual and labour-intensive discipline. Additionally, as pathology test numbers continue to grow, the acquisition and allocation of appropriate staff resources and knowledge has become increasingly challenging. The APAS® Independence is an in-vitro diagnostic instrument using artificial intelligence and machine learning technology to automate culture plate imaging, analysis and interpretation. APAS Independence appears to offer microbiology laboratories the ability to augment the skills of scientific staff, reduce workload and increase efficiencies.

An in situ evaluation of the APAS Independence was carried out in the microbiology laboratory, St Vincent’s Pathology, Melbourne. The results of 3,665 urine cultures analysed using APAS Independence were compared to those of microbiologists performing traditional culture reading techniques. APAS Independence perfromed with a high level of sensitivity and specificity and facilitated operational efficiencies in both specimen processing and culture reading.

Poster Presentation: by Lisa Brenton of St Vincent’s Hospital, Melbourne

Conference: ECCMID 2018, Madrid, Spain

Date: April 2018

Authors: Brenton L, Jardine D, Waters MJ, Stanford T and Giglio S

Citation: Brenton L, Jardine D, Waters MJ, Stanford T and Giglio S., ECCMID 2018. Image interpretation of urine cultures using the APAS Independence- artificial intelligence in the routine clinical laboratory.


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