21st October 2019

First European Sale of APAS Independence

We are pleased to announce the first sale of an APAS® Independence instrument in the European Union, to Labor Dr Wisplinghoff in Cologne, Germany. The purchase of the APAS® Independence by Labor Dr Wisplinghoff was completed following CE Marking, full integration into their laboratory workflow and ongoing collaboration with the Company.

Installation of this instrument will support the laboratory with their routine clinical testing. The transaction was made directly with by LBT’s 50% owned joint venture company, Clever Culture Systems who receives this revenue. As a result, LBT will benefit through a reduced funding requirement to the joint venture.

Labor Dr Wisplinghoff is one of the largest clinical laboratories in Germany and the European union. Their facility is a globally recognized technology leader with over 40 medical specialists covering all the relevant areas of clinical pathology. In April 2018, Labor Dr Wisplinghoff received its first placement of an APAS® Independence as a European centre of excellence for the Company. The laboratory has been a valuable partner for the Company supporting the development of the MRSA analysis module by capturing over 17,000 MRSA culture plate images required for the machine learning process of the analysis module