21st May 2020

Brent Barnes (LBT MD and CEO), Interview with Ortenzia Borre from the Finance News Network

After presenting at the Finance News Network (FNN) May investor event, LBT CEO and MD, Brent Barnes, spoke with Ortenzia Borre from the Finance News Network.

During the interview, Brent discusses how the APAS® Independence uses artificial intelligence for culture plate reading. Importantly, through this process the technology is able to not only identify colony growth on the agar plate but make clinical decisions and remove negative plates from the workflow.

For our customers, this frees up important microbiologist time to focus only on positive plates showing signs of infection. This is expected to be increasingly important as we recover from COVID-19, and laboratories are faced with a tsunami of tests as the current backlog of testing unwinds.

To hear the full interview, check out the video below.


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