31st December 2019

LBT Feature in CIO Advisor magazine

In December 2019’s special edition of the CIO Advisor magazine, LBT’s Research Director Rhys Hill shares his thoughts on the state of AI today.

The article discusses how artificial intelligence has developed over the past 100 years, from initial concept to becoming a reality impacting everyday life. In particular, the advances in the visual abilities of AI has led to a rise in image analysis applications in recent years across a range of industries.

LBT Innovations APAS Independence is an example of an AI enabled technology delivering clinical efficiency in healthcare. The APAS Independence is the first and only regulatory cleared instrument to automate the reading of culture plates for clinical microbiology enabling faster diagnosis and reporting of infectious diseases for busy and under resourced laboratories. Technologies like APAS are at the cutting of what AI can deliver today and show a bright future for the use of AI to support improved healthcare delivery.

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Rhys Hill